JBM Incorporation is a company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with the main objective of developing solutions for unmet needs in healthcare by bringing together clinicians and other scientists. Our major strength is an access to and co-ownership of novel technologies which have potential for advancing the path to innovations in medicine, which comes to us through our partners who have got a couple of modest accomplishments in the field.

What's new

■2022, May. In American Urological Association meeting (AUA 2022), the Immunohistochemical engraftment of buccal cells on urethral stricture site was presented by Dr Akio Horiguchi Click here

■2021, Pre-clinical study outcome accepted for publication in Regenerative Therapy Click here

■2020, Oct 26–29: BEES HAUS licensing-out offers to European companies by GN Corporation Co. Ltd., in Bio-Europe 2020. Click here

■2020, Oct 10–11: Abraham S, Horiguchi A, Kushibiki T, Ojima K, Shinchi M, Senthilkumar R, Katoh S, Takeda M, Iwasaki M. A Novel Buccal Tissue Transportation and 3D Cell Culture System using a Polymer Scaffold for Cell Therapy Application in Urethral Stricture. 40th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie, SIU 2020. Click here

■2020, Sep 21–24: Urethral Stricture Technology to be presented in Biopharm-America. Click here

■2020, Aug 25-27: JBM will be represented by GN Corporation Co. Ltd., in ChinaBio Partnering Forum. Click here

■2020, June 9-11: Dr. Katoh, president of Edogawa hospital will present on Enhanced miRNA140 expression in cultured human chondrocytes using a Thermo-reversible Gelation Polymer (TGP) scaffold that retains Hyaluronic acid in the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Cell Biology. Click here

■ 2020, April 23: Katoh S, Obayashi T, Ganesh JS, Iwasaki M, Preethy S, Abraham S. Cross-Protection Induced By Encephalitis Vaccinesagainst COVID-19 Might be a Reason for Relatively Lower Mortality Rate in Some Countries. Arch Acad Emerg Med. 2020; 8(1): e54. Click here

■2020, Mar, 12: Dr. Katoh, president of Edogawa hospital will make a presentation on 3D culture of chondrocytes of knee with OA at The 19th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine. Click here

■2019, Nov, 15: Dr. Abraham JK Samuel made a lecture on BEES-HAUS at Kanagawa Shonan Health Innovation Park seminar. Click here

■2019, Oct, 15: Dr. Jurgen Hescheler and team of International delegates visited State of the Art Boron Neutron capture Therapy (BNCT) facility at Edogawa Hospital, Japan. Click here

■2019, Oct, 14: JBM Oration in NCRM NICHE 2019 by Prof. Jurgen Hescheler was conducted.  Click here

■2019, Oct, 09~11: Presentation at Bio Japan 2019 Summit on "Regenerative Therapy for Corneal Endothelial diseases“ was conducted.

■2019, Oct, 5: JBM hosted a seminar at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of Japanese Urological Association. Chairman: Prof Hirotaka Asakura, Saitama Medical University; Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Akio Horiguchi, National Defense Medical College. Click here