Luncheon seminar at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of Japanese Urological Association -
Hosted by JBM Inc.

Audience of the Luncheon Meeting

JBM Inc, hosted a luncheon titled "Perspectives of urethral stricture outcome from global standards" and the talk was delivered by an Eminent Urologist and Consultant in National Defence Medical College, Koku-Koen, Saitama, Dr. Akio Horiguchi. The session was chaired by Dr. Hirotaka Asakura, Head of Urology, Saitama Medical College Hospital, Japan.

Dr Horiguchi narrated the pathophysiology of the male urethral stricture, its treatments which have evolved over few decades citing the specific advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Further, he elaborated on handling patients who come to centres in the peripheries on methods and choices of investigation, the right time and nature of intervention and provided crisis management tips. Finally he concluded citing evolving techniques such as the BEES-HAUS ( which was recently published by Dr. Vaddi et al ( wherein Buccal mucosal autologous cells could be transplanted into urethral stricture after in vitro expansion through urethroscopy, may have to be tried in larger number of patients to see if such minimally invasive procedures could yield better outsome compared to the conventional treatments as reported by Vaddi et al in their pilot study to reach the routine practice in clinic.