Doctors and researchers from overseas visit the state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility at Edogawa Hospital

15th October 2019, Tokyo:  Prof. Jurgen Hescheler attending NCRM NICHE 2019, a regenerative medicine event Visited the Boron Neutron capture Therapy (BNCT)  cancer treatment facility that is going to start operations in 2020.

GN Corporation, a company that exports medical equipment and medical technology to Asia mainly in India ( Headquarters: Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture) & Edogawa Hospital’s Edogawa Evolutionary laboratory of Science (EELS) organized a regenerative medicine event "NCRM NICHE 2019" ( ) was held in Tokyo on October 14-15, 2019, and Prof. Jurgen Hescheler, President of the German Stem Cell Research Society, who visited Japan as a special guest, together with researchers from overseas and the Edogawa Hospital  visited the BNCT cancer treatment facility ( https://Edogawahp.Com/ ).

Dr. Shojiro Katoh, Director of Edogawa Hospital and Yukihiro Hama, Director of Radiology, guided professors who visited with researchers from Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India, and explained cancer treatment by BNCT. BNCT is a pinpoint radiation therapy device that can target specific molecules and cells, and is attracting attention as the most advanced cancer treatment technology. The facility is scheduled to begin operation in the second half of 2020, and Edogawa Hospital believes that it can provide treatment not only for Japan but also for patients from overseas.

The professors visited the lab jointly established by the Japan-India Regenerative Medical Centre (NCRM) and JBM Co., Ltd., and received explanations on cell transplant technology using new biomaterials.

In response to this visit, Dr. Shojiro Katoh stated that he would like to actively conduct international joint research in cross-disciplinary research and clinical interpretation based on technology developed in Japan. .

Prior to this visit, the opening ceremony of Edogawa NICHE Hall of Fame, which honors the winners of the Edogawa NICHE Prize (,  was held at the same facility.

Due to Typhoon No. 19. Prof. Gary Levy, founder of the University of Toronto multi-organ transplant program, whose visit to Japan was cancelled, also participated in the ceremony through an online broadcast.